The business and enterprise support industry is made up of individuals from many different walks of life and to reflect this, the SFEDI Directory provides a dynamic national quality assured framework built to meet the challenges of a fast paced industry.

With a long standing history in both supporting businesses to start, survive and thrive and supporting the development of high quality business and enterprise support professionals, the SFEDI Directory provides a national accreditation service.

SFEDI Directory accreditation can be achieved in two ways:

Qualification Accreditation Process

Since 1996, SFEDI has provided qualifications targeted at developing the skills and knowledge required to support businesses to start, survive and thrive. Those who have achieved a SFEDI qualification or a SFEDI Awards regulated qualification can gain accreditation through the SFEDI Directory.

Applying using the qualification accreditation process can be completed in one of two ways:

  • Click on the link received in the automatic email on successful completion of an approved business and enterprise support professional qualification, or;
  • Complete the online application form on the SFEDI Directory website and enter your personal details and the unique identifying number found on the SFEDI qualification or SFEDI Awards regulated qualification certificate

Please note that there is no additional fee for inclusion on the SFEDI Directory for those who already hold a SFEDI qualification. Simply complete the online registration form. You may, however, upgrade to verified status for an additional fee. Verified status demonstrates that you have up-to-date CPD and recent positive experience of working with small businesses.

Experiential Accreditation Process

Qualifications aren’t right for everyone and many business and enterprise support professionals have gained many years experience supporting businesses.

The experiential accreditation process provides the support professional with the opportunity to map their experience against the SFEDI national quality assured framework and standards for business and enterprise support professionals.

The experiential accreditation route is available to those support professionals who have been providing business and enterprise support services for a minimum of one year and is made up of a formal interview conducted by a member of the SFEDI Directory accreditation team.

For those who do not hold a qualification there is an assessment fee of £350+VAT to register by way of experiential accreditation. This route to inclusion includes an additional interview and assessment process.