The SFEDI Enterprise Directory is a national directory of advisers, consultants, mentors, coaches and educators who have demonstrated their knowledge and skills through the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications.

To ensure that those professionals listed on the SFEDI Directory have met the high standards required they must have achieved at least one business and enterprise support qualification.

As an Awarding Organisation you support the development of knowledge and skills through the delivery of qualifications through a quality assured system.

Now you can add to the service offered to your customers and the individuals who they support by adding an additional opportunity opened up by the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification.

Qualifications submitted for addition to the approved list should:

  • Be regulated by one or more of the following regulators
    • Ofqual
    • Qualification Wales
    • Scottish Qualifications Authority
    • CCEA and/or
  • Be certificated by a regulated Awarding Organisation and/or
  • Be certificated by a formal recognised body, eg. an Association or Institute
  • Support the development of knowledge and skills in relation to the provision of business support services
  • Be at least RQF Level 4 or SCQF Level 6 or of equivalent knowledge and skill level where regulated levels are not appropriate
  • Contain both knowledge and practical elements
  • Be available for a minimum of 6 months from the time of approval

To support organisations who offer more than one qualification that is suitable for addition to the approved list we offer a cost effective pricing structure:

Submission of 1 - 2 qualifications £200
Submission of 3 – 4 qualifications £380
Submission of 5 – 6 qualifications £560
Submission of 7 – 8 qualifications £720
Submission of 9 – 10 qualifications £920

If you would like to submit a qualification for consideration then simply complete the online Contact Us form here to talk with a member of our team.